warwickbartlett1 Warwick Bartlett

Warwick Bartlett, Chief Executive & Owner, GBGC
Warwick Bartlett is the Chief Executive and owner of GBGC. The company has worked with, or supplied information to, over 600 clients, the majority
of whom are “blue chip.” Projects have included market research/assessments, business/facility planning, product evaluations, design/operational
reviews, the development/review of corporate strategies, license applications, regulation development for and on behalf of governments, IPOs, M&A
and due diligence. Typically, clients include, operators, monopolies/lotteries, suppliers, investment banks, the major consultancies and governments.
GBGC has worked for four governments. Malta, Isle of Man, Botswana, and State of Lagos Nigeria. In addition to its consultancy, GBGC has produced
nine reviews of the global gambling market that have been widely acknowledged to be the best available both in terms of detail and accuracy. The latest review extended to over 2000 pages, with over 40 pages of this dedicated to the UK market. The statistics and forecasts that are contained within the Global Gambling Report have become widely recognised within the industry, the financial community and the media, as the industry standard for sizing both the online and offline gambling markets. Consequently, GBGC are widely quoted source of industry data in share prospectuses and analyst´s notes as well as on TV/Radio and in publications as diverse as the Financial Times, Forbes, Time Magazine, BBC Radio 4, BBC Breakfast, ITN news, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, Economist and Fortune magazine.

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