dbimg Daniel Brättemark

Chief Security Officer Compliance Manager, Paf

Daniel is a security professional with experience from different countries and industries. He has worked in security management roles and as a professional services advisor.
Daniel started his career as a consultant in the late nineties. In that environment he began to develop the understanding of how important strategic information security is for organisations, their people and their customers. After a few interesting assignments for gaming companies Daniel devoted himself to the industry full time as the Information Security Manager for a big national operator in Sweden. After that he worked for a few years in the UK before settling down on the beautiful Aland Islands in the Baltic Sea.
As for many security professionals information security is more than a job for Daniel. It is an interest, a passion and a lifestyle. For anyone placing bets or spinning wheels online there are risks involved. If they are not aware of those risks things can go wrong. Daniel is committed to spreading the word and educating as many as possible about how to be aware of the risks and to avoid their impact.
Daniel is now the Chief Security Officer for the online and offline Aland Island based betting and gaming company Paf.

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