avatar Prof. David Forrest

Prof. David Forrest, Lecturer in Economics, University of Liverpool
David Forrest trained as an applied economist and econometrician at the University of Western Ontario. Currently he is a professor at the University of Liverpool Management School, UK, and also Honorary Professor, Macau Polytechnic Institute. He has contributed substantially to research on sports economics and on the economics of gambling. In gambling, he has published leading papers on a range of topics including on the demand for lotto games. He was the academic lead for the last official youth gambling prevalence survey in the UK and is a member of the research experts panel of the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board. Recently he has been heavily involved in the fight against match fixing in sport, offering advice to sports, gambling regulators and law enforcement. He is a Board member at the leading field journal, International Gambling Studies, and also serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Sports Economics.

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