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WHEN April 17th, 2015 08:30
WHERE Stockholm, Sweden Berns, Berzelii Park

Stand your ground online – the future growth for the National Lottery

The real money gaming market is a growing and valuable segment of the digital economy, with an increasing share of the global gaming market. The interactive gaming market was estimated to be worth €26.1billion in 2013, with a predicted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.1% to 2018.

In the last few years online gaming’s development has benefited from the roll-out of broadband services; from technology innovation and the rapid expansion of smartphones and tablets; from investment by the industry to promote its services; from increased consumer trust in payment mechanisms; and from traditional bricks and mortar businesses making it online.

Growth has also been driven by an expanding customer demographic. As the early adopters, who typically were in the 18–25 age-bracket, become older and continue to play, they are being joined by the next generation of gamers, whom enjoy their first gaming experience online through phones and tablets.

National Lotteries are driven by achieving consistency in consumer protection, the protection of minors, advertising, the control of addiction, preventing fraud and ensuring sports integrity. Due to increased competition from other gambling operators, the EU-wide gross gambling revenue market share of lottery operators has declined considerably.

Finding a way to stabilize and compete with other operators is an essential roadmap that every national operator must have as part of their immediate strategy. It is highly likely that the effects of lower revenue will be felt at both governmental and citizen levels, with the loss of funding for sports and arts. With consumers in Europe searching beyond national borders for online gambling services, it is essential for national providers to be as competitive as they can be.

National Lottery Forum will give national gaming and gambling executives an opportunity to assess the competitive landscape and establish road-maps to effectively compete with other operators. By understanding which platforms and technology to invest in, national operators can maintain desirable offers to their customers and prevent any further loss of revenue.

We look forward to bringing the community together.

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